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Specialized Marketing: Second Story Marketing Group – Transforming Talent Acquisition and Retention with Visual Storytelling.

At Second Story Marketing Group, we specialize in creating compelling narratives through visual storytelling to create tailor-made marketing strategies. Our primary focus is on enhancing recruitment and retention efforts for partners in the construction, trades, and manufacturing sectors. We believe in the power of storytelling to captivate audiences and establish a strong connection between our clients and their target markets. 

Established in 2019, Second Story Marketing Group is approaching its five-year milestone, having transformed into a comprehensive marketing agency. Fueled by a profound passion for the skilled trades, our mission is to reshape the narrative, portraying these professions not merely as an alternative to college but as a compelling career option.

Visual Storytelling

You’ve got a great story.
We help you tell it.

Hands-On Connection

Forge a hands-on connection with prospective talent in the building trades and manufacturing sectors using visual storytelling. Showcase your projects and processes visually to offer an immersive experience, appealing to individuals seeking practical roles. This approach not only attracts new talent but also sets the stage for long-term retention by aligning expectations with the reality of the work environment.

Blueprint for Memorability

In precision-driven industries, leverage visual storytelling as a blueprint for memorability. Capture the intricacies of your work through images and videos, leaving a lasting impression on candidates with technical expertise. This memorable introduction not only aids in recruitment but also contributes to a sense of belonging, fostering retention among those who value the unique aspects of your operations.

Crafting Emotive Narratives

Bring out the emotion behind the machinery and construction sites through visual storytelling. Craft narratives that resonate with individuals passionate about the building trades and manufacturing. By emphasizing teamwork, dedication, and pride, you not only attract like-minded professionals but also lay the groundwork for a positive work culture that enhances retention.

Culture in Action

Showcase your company culture dynamically through visuals, illustrating collaboration, commitment to safety, and innovative approaches to projects. Providing a visual representation of your unique work environment not only aids in attracting talent but also contributes to the retention of employees who find value and satisfaction in being part of your organization.

Terry Bierwirth


Terry is our visionary. She is always thinking about solving problems and overcoming challenges for our clients. With more than 30 years of marketing experience, she is a unified branding expert and a marketing strategist.  Terry was drawn to small and medium-size construction and manufacturing companies from the stories she helped create for a marketing campaign to attract new talent. From this experience, she grew to care deeply for the women and men who are passionate about their careers in the skilled trades.

At Second Story, Terry oversees creative and integrated marketing strategies. She also leads content development and visual storytelling for My Work My Future, an educational platform that supports the mission of the skilled trades.

David Bierwirth


David is our pragmatist. From large corporations to small business ownership, he has extraordinarily strong business acumen and understands how important the bottom line is for any business. He sees the big-picture business goals of our clients and how companies can harness the everchanging world of technology and the internet. He has built an e-commerce website and developed a deep knowledge of social media that connects companies to their customers. 

​At Second Story, David oversees operations and client website development. He also manages the social media channels for My Work My Future, an educational platform that supports the mission of the skilled trades.